What is Si Obi Nation?

Si Obi means, 'from heart' in Igbo, one of the Nigerian dialects. Felicia Guy-Lynch founded Si Obi Nation in 2014.

Early 2019, she found out that part of her DNA can be traced back to Nigeria.

Si Obi Nation is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary brand. It was first founded as Si Obi Publishing for the creative to write and share her thoughts through literature.

Evolving into a dynamic brand, Si Obi Nation is now known as a place to feel home through sound, design, visuals and written word.

From the heart, we create.

22 Ways to Heal Her: A Guide to Womb Discovery

22 Ways to Heal Her: A Guide to Womb Discovery

22 WAYS TO HEAL HER explores different coping mechanisms to optimize womb health. Here are 22 tips that have been explored to navigate uterine discomforts and boost esteem while on one's healing journey. Explore tips that resonate with you. Tailor them to your lifestyle.


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